Greenbrier Resort - West Virginia

After a whirlwind week of having family visit us - an experience we thoroughly enjoyed, we left on our scenic road trip through some of Virginia and West Virginia's gorgeous countryside. Aaron was to stay at the Greenbrier Resort, nestled in the Allegheny Mountains on a mere 10,000 acres, and considered one of the nation's premier resorts. Naturally, he wanted us to share in this event with him. We never miss a chance for a road trip to explore new places! The Greenbrier Resort truly lived up to its name! Keep reading to see the amazing grounds, architecture and grandeur of this place!

We arrived at the resort on a cold, windy afternoon, and it looked like it was going to rain. We checked into our massive suite, and settled in for a rest after a 4-hour drive. We would have immediately jumped up and explored every bit, except, we had too much fun with our family during the week, that we just relished the chance to do nothing for a few hours. Once we got situated, and Aaron had a chance to fulfill some of his work obligations, we explored the place.  Check out the link in the first paragraph to learn all about this amazing place, and scroll down here to see some of its stunning rooms and gardens. 

Every room was studded with these incredible looking chandeliers! They were too many to count throughout the property.

There were also several reading corners like this one, strewn all along the property.

 This room was one of my absolute favorites. Those wingback chairs. That fireplace. That incredible mirror. The writing desk. I could have lived there for a long time.

Did I mention the chandeliers? Have you been counting?

The crown molding, the architecture were all reflective of a sumptuous, wealthy past - it felt like stepping back in time when twenty six US presidents visited here, and Martha Washington gave her first party here.

I have to confess that traveling to a resort with a toddler, albeit to a super kid-friendly one like the Greenbrier, can be overwhelming, and it was. Gracie was too curious to sleep - she is a great sleeper at home, which made for an exhausting weekend. So, on the last morning, I left Gracie in the room with Aaron, so they could both take a nap, and I took off on my own to explore and take pictures. It was glorious :)

This place is chock-full of history and traditions. One exciting story is connected to this room and that clock above the fireplace. It is called the Love Clock and was used by lovers and interested parties to exchange secret messages on where to conduct their clandestine meetings.

The ornate furnishings were present everywhere. Can you imagine this place filled with beautiful people - dressed in their finest, wandering the halls, dancing in the ballrooms, and reading in the quiet corners?

Voila! Gorgeous West Virginia countryside! Well-manicured gardens and beautiful property to wander and get lost in.

Another stunning entrance to the resort. The gardens were beautifully laid out and the views were breathtaking!

Tucked away on the grounds, was a chapel. I had walked past it earlier when we went on a little hike with Aaron's colleagues. This time, I wanted a closer look.

Absolutely beautiful day to be outside amongst this amazing display of the fall season.

The front of the chapel.

Then, I walked in. Blown away!

I had the place all to myself and I couldn't have been more thrilled!

It took my breath away! The woodwork, the stained glass windows, the flooring, the chandeliers, the open, airy feeling, the detail and yet the simplicity of it all. Brilliant.

I walked back inside to a couple of ornate, amazing rooms and hallways before I made my way back to our suite.

It was wonderful to spend a weekend at this almost fairytale resort. The beautiful weather, the opulent buildings, the stunning chapel - all combined to present Greenbrier at its best. We were grateful to be the recipients of its hospitality. 


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