Riverside Park - Labor Day

Taking advantage of Gracie's disrupted sleep schedule today, we decided to go for a drive along the George Washington Parkway near Mt. Vernon. It was the perfect weather, and the time of day when the light is just beautiful! We drove along for a short while and came across the Riverside Park, where a few families were gathered, music playing over some car speakers, the smells of barbecue filling the air, and children running around, chasing each other. Perfect! What was unexpected was the incredible sunset we were about to witness, and how the waning of that sun would light up the whole sky!

We parked the car, and went for a little walk before the sun had started its descent behind the trees along the Potomac. The scenery along this parkway never disappoints. The lovely Potomac River snaking its way around, the walking/hiking/biking trail curving and meandering into the trees and out again, and the sunlight pouring through the dense tree-covered path. A wonderful way to end the day with the ones you love!

We only have to say the word 'outside' and Gracie is up and ready to go. She knows she will get to play with her Daddy, who also responds the same way to that word. Here they are, the two partners-in-crime, swinging their arms and walking fast along the trail. Like Daddy, like daughter.

Let me be clear on going walking with Gracie. It takes us an hour to go one mile. There is a lot of running back to where we came from, climbing up and down stairs, if there are any, and running back and forth on a bridge along the path. Thus, we spend quite a chunk of time moving at a snail's pace while Grace is either dashing around like a crazed toddler, or picking up rocks and sand, and trying to put them in my shoe.

Halfway past the mile marker, Aaron says "This is boring!", because he cannot walk at a snail's pace, whereas, I am friends with the snail and don't mind keeping up that pace one bit. So, we turn around and head back. It was great timing, too, because we could see the sun starting to dip down among the trees.  (I think they both walk alike.)

We made it just in time to a picnic bench, to drop our stuff and let Grace run around, while I stood mesmerized by the vast array of pinks and golds that spread across the sky, as the sun slowly went down.

Not one to be deterred by the waning sun, Grace was intrigued by the rocks and sand, as always.

We waited till the sun went down completely and watched the sky display some of God's artistic brush strokes. Having had our fill, and a small toddler who really just wanted to watch Nemo and Dory, we packed up the car, and drove away, grateful for having had this little outing as a family.


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