Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market gets its name from its location - it is housed in what used to be a train shed. It is not a part of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and plays host to over 100 vendors, selling all kinds of delicious fare. If you ever make it to Philadelphia, this place is a must-see, right up there with Independence Hall. 
We walked around for a while, checking out all the goodies, and every time we passed this place, we all drooled! Gracie kept leaning out of her stroller to point to the balls she wanted :)

This market had its beginnings as an open-air public market, which then, outgrew its space and increased it popularity along with other open-air markets, and caused a lot of traffic disruption in its original location on what came to be called, Market Street. So, the indoor public market was born.

 I, naturally, spent a chunk of time browsing through this Cookbook Stall. Gracie wanted to read them all (girl after my own heart, but I think she just wanted to look at the pictures, point at them, and then make slurpy sounds and say, "Eat!"

After circling this place for a while, we gave in and got ourselves some delectable cookies, and Gracie promptly rejected her cookie and ate the whole of my white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. We had a wonderful time exploring this part of Philadelphia history, and you should too if you visit someday!

Check out these donuts!!!


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