Liberty Bell - Philadelphia

One of the first things we did when we got to Philly was to dump our stuff in the hotel and walk several blocks in the heat and humidity to see The Liberty Bell. A short line through security and we were inside the exhibit to see this magnificent symbol of freedom. I'm not sure if it was because when I grew up in India, as an Anglo-Indian, we felt that most of our history had left the country along with our forefathers who returned to Britain when the East India Company was dissolved, or, it was because we were raised in poverty and were so focused on making it from day to day in some instances, that I had never felt such a draw or affiliation to the history of the country. 

But, here in America, for some reason, the history of this country fascinates me! I imagine what it must have been like to walk among the giants of the time - the founding fathers - and to have been a part of history in the making. I find myself transported temporarily in my thoughts to the time periods when this country was just beginning to grow and to be created, and imagine how exciting that would have been. Being in Philadelphia and experiencing a bit of what that was like was an incredible feeling! 

This is Independence Square that houses several historical buildings. 

Although we were all sporting a bedraggled look from a 3-hour long drive, and the heat and humidity of the day and someone not telling Aaron he was standing in the light, and Gracie looking everywhere but at the camera, we managed to snap our one and only picture with this beauty!

It was interesting to read of the history of the bell and all that it went through to find its final resting place at this little museum. I took several pictures of the actual story and the events surrounding the Liberty Bell. Feel free to browse through and read about this piece of history!


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