Declaration House - Philadelphia

We were on our way to see the Liberty Bell, when we walked right up to The Declaration House! Surprise! I wasn't expecting to see this place on our way but, hey, since we did, why not explore, right?? My mind's wheels were turning so quickly as I imagined Jefferson in this very spot, pacing back and forth as he deliberated within himself the words that should eventually be a part of one of the most important documents of this country's history! How exciting to be here and to experience this! 
This was our first walk through the streets of Philly and I must say I was actually impressed. I don't know what I was expecting but it was so fun to happen upon little nooks like this - shuffle board, bocci ball, corn holes, murals, string lights, tables and benches to visit with your friends, food and drinks. What a cool place and a cool vibe!

We had barely made it to the end of the street, and wham! We ran right into the Declaration House. I was immediately excited to explore and Aaron was too, so we walked right in. Sort of.

There was a little museum dedicated to the Declaration of Independence with all kinds of interesting facts.

We climbed some stairs, and spotted this gigantic tile display of Thomas Jefferson. Cool!

During the time he was working on the draft, Thomas Jefferson rented two rooms in this house - one was his office, and the other was his bedroom. In this room, or one just like it since this was a replica, he penned the Declaration of Independence, which he then walked over to the Independence Hall, where it was debated, and signed.

As we were leaving, Gracie ran back and started knocking on the door to Jefferson's office. I doubt very much that the Declaration of Independence would have come about in the time frame it did, if Jefferson had to tackle this little two-year's interruption of his work. :)


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