Monument Walk - WWII & Lincoln Memorial

It is impossible to live in the nation's capitol and not be surrounded by history and monuments. So, when you need an activity for Family Home Evening, what do you do? Head out to the city and visit a monument or two. This is exactly what we did this morning before the heat kicked in and the crowds descended. One of my favorite walking paths is the one that stretched between the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. This tree-lined path is perfect for a summer morning walk.

First, of course, we had to check out the fountains at the WWII Memorial. This was our first time here as a family, and we talked to Gracie about people who gave up their lives so we could enjoy freedom. We talked to her about how many people came together to shape and form this beautiful country we live in. We talked to Gracie about not getting into the water because we are not allowed to. 

As you can see, her listening skills need some brushing up on.

We stayed here a while and admired the monument, let Gracie run wild and be a child, and just relaxed as we strolled around the place.

My little baby who just wanted to be put down on the ground, so she could run into the fountain again and again.

We started walking towards the Lincoln Memorial (one of my favorite places in DC), and Gracie wanted to run ahead and explore and wave to all the doggies along the way. I asked her to stop and pose for the camera and this is what I got.

As expected, Gracie was in love with the geese, who returned that love freely, only because Grace was willing to feed them.

With a toddler on the move, it is imperative to have a camera on continuous shooting mode. I managed to catch a couple of fun shots of Gracie as she explored the Lincoln Memorial.

This is one of my new favorite picture of these two loves of my life.

As we were leaving, Grace was getting quite cranky and stubborn, and took off running down the stairs of the monument into the oncoming crowds. As she ran by the spot where Martin Luther King delivered his infamous speech, I yelled out to Gracie to show me the letter M. She stopped abruptly, turned around, and slowly walked over to the place. She just sat right down and started pointing out the different letters, much to the amusement of the passersby.

I was grateful for the opportunity to teach Grace about this beautiful country, about freedom, about sacrifice and to have the chance to do things together as a family. I am never sure if anything sinks into her baby brain but I will do my very best to expose her to that which is good and praiseworthy all the days of my life.


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