Frying Pan Farm Park

I know I should have checked the weather before I headed out to the Frying Pan Farm Park with my partner-in-crime. Don't let that melting face fool you - Gracie was in tractor heaven! I mean, it really doesn't get better than this - seeing your best friend, exploring a farm, and test driving tractors! 

Here they are, the two of them, discussing the best way to wiggle through the fence and touch the carousel.

We made it into the farm no less than 50 steps, and guess what? It was snack time already! So, we took a break ( I was not complaining), and the girls grabbed some snacks and some water, and did some serious posing :)

The mommies couldn't take the heat any longer, so off we went in search of some shade. The bonus was that it also came with animals which entertained the kiddos to no end. Here is Gracie saying hello to Bessie.

She was so excited to see the mommy pigs and the baby pigs :)

She called her BFF to share in the excitement of the pink little piggies that were enjoying their lunchtime snack.

I love looking at life through her eyes! It is mesmerizing and fascinating and downright exciting to be alive! And, I love this picture of my baby girl.

Two seconds after the picture above, Gracie was found rattling the cage of the goat, scaring it to death, while she was trying to open the gate and let the goat out.

Gracie's energy and excitement are contagious.

Even to herself ;) She, often, cracks herself up. It is the funniest thing to watch and you can't help but chuckle along with her. Just look at that cute face!

These two little cuties had a blast visiting the hens, the pigs, the goats, the cows, the bunnies, and Gracie tried to let the animals out at every single place.  Now that I think about it, maybe she was trying to get it ;)

Heat? Sun bearing down on you? Sweat pouring down your face? Nothing could stop this girl from picking up rocks and sand and throwing them around.

Both the besties said goodbye to the sheep before we left the farm. It was wonderful to spend time with our friends and enjoy the beauty of Virginia.


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