Bull Run Regional Park - Bluebells Trail

Oh, how I love exploring! I looked out the window this morning and it looked quite overcast with a forecast of impending rain. However, that did not deter Gracie and me from packing up the car for a short ride to see the waning bluebells at the Bull Run Regional Park. We had no idea how gorgeous this place would be! The bluebells were past their peak but still just as dreamy. The whole trail was just lovely! See for yourself!
Gracie couldn't wait to get on this boardwalk and run the full length of it many times over. If she hadn't spotted an identical one further ahead, we may have never entered the trail!

We invited our friend, Brianne, and her doggie, Cooper, to come and play with us. Gracie adores both of them and loved having them around.

Anything that allows us the opportunity to be outdoors and take in the beauty of nature is fine by me. We knew it was going to rain and right enough, it started to drizzle as soon as we got out of the car. But, we were determined to forge ahead and under the canopy of trees, we could barely feel it.

I was stopping frequently to take pictures and my impatient toddler kept insisting that I walk faster :)

Bluebells and a bottle.

Our first glimpse of these beauties, who despite being past their prime, were still pretty and growing in the wild like crazy!

I am glad I remembered to take a picture with me in it. Especially, with me and Gracie. Thanks to Brianne, who snapped this quick shot because a wriggly toddler is no match for the perfect manual setting on your camera! This girl holds the key to my heart. I love her deeply.

Just strolling in the woods and inspecting the caterpillars and the bluebells.

Inspecting led to picking wildflowers. Gracie loves to share, so we each got a flower. She, then, wanted to pick a flower to give to Cooper.  :)

Who knew picking bluebells could be this much fun?

Gracie sat down in the middle of the boardwalk, with extreme focus on zipping up her jacket. This happened several times throughout our walk.

On the final attempt, the jacket just came off and we were all happy :)

We are so glad that Brianne and Cooper decided to join us! Gracie was thrilled :) I loved having some company instead of it always being just me and Grace.

I don't think we made it more than a mile into the trail but we sure had a ton of fun!


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