Easter Egg Hunt

"Easter. The only time it's okay to put all your eggs in one basket."
~ Author Unknown

Last year, Gracie was too little to do an Easter Egg Hunt. This year, when my friend, Sarah, organized one and invited the ward, I knew Gracie would like to go to a park and look for colorful eggs with lots of other kids. We packed ourselves up in the car right when she woke up, and headed out to a park just down the street from us. Surprisingly, we had never been to this park before. It wasn't much of a park but it had a swell play area with slides and swings and monkey bars. 

It was a lot colder than we had imagined it would be but luckily, I had come prepared with a jacket and a hat for Gracie. Not so much for me. Brr when it got windy! We got there right as they were starting, so we had two minutes to get the eggs, scatter them around and let Gracie loose with a basket.

She quickly cottoned on to the fact that there was something worth getting hidden inside the eggs. The going got slower as she picked up each egg and insisted on opening it first before looking for the other eggs.

This only lasted a couple of minutes before she was thoroughly distracted by the awesome slides just a few steps away. All egg hunting was abandoned as she made a beeline for the slides. She LOVES slides! Her Daddy taught her how to go down the slides and she has never looked back. In short, the egg hunt was short.

There were quite a few people at the egg hunt (our first) despite the cold. The kids were not so bothered by it, though.

This kid is in a class I teach with Aaron every Sunday. The previous three Sundays, one or the other of us had been sick, so I had not been to church. This sweet little boy was quite concerned for his teacher, and actually prayed for me in his personal and family prayer that I would come back to church soon! Ah, you gotta love that! He was so thrilled to see me at the park that he ran over and gave me a tight hug!

I just realized that all three men in this picture have facial hair.

Opening their Easter eggs in the tunnel. Where else would you do it? Duh.

 I thought I had a picture of Grace and her friend, Hudson, but I guess not. However, that does not diminish the fact that Hudson (encouraged by his gorgeous mother, Sarah), told Gracie he wanted to marry her. Gracie smiled and said "Thanks".  Not yet two years old and already getting marriage proposals!

After much exploring, and lots of sliding, we headed home to some warmth. It was a fun activity and we will certainly do it again next year! Hopefully, Gracie is more into the eggs next time :)


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