Neighborhoord Stroll

That is the face of an excited little girl who loves the outdoors and seizes every opportunity to get out of the house. Fortunately, we don't have to go further than our front door and we are immediately surrounded by gorgeous fall colors. 

We have been truly blessed this year to have such a long fall season! It is lovely to be able to soak in all beauty while Gracie chases squirrels. The soaking in last only a few seconds, otherwise I will find myself standing alone in the grass while Gracie has gone off through the bushes and trees on that squirrel's trail. If only the squirrel knew she just wanted to chat :)

I am grateful for this season; for the reminder to let go of things that weigh us down and to focus on things of greater import and of eternal consequence. I am grateful for the simplicity of nature and its predictable pattern of the leaves changing colors, then falling off the trees, and new leaves emerge in the spring bringing with it new life and renewed outlook on things.
While I ponder these things, Gracie looks heavenward at an airplane flying noisily overhead. Maybe she is remembering her recent overseas trip to see her Nana and Papa in India.


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