Halloween Party

Every year, our church has a Halloween activity. This year, it was a fall harvest festival instead, but, great fun, nevertheless.  Every year, our church hosts a chili cook-off, and every year all the chili is gone within 30 minutes of the start of the activity. This year, it was organized so well, that we had chili that lasted throughout the entire activity, and there were some awesome entries for the cook-off.  This year, Gracie was older and seemed to get into the Halloween spirit quite willingly. She debuted her ladybug costume as she fished in the pond with her buddy, Taryn. 

This is a picture of a couple of adorable kiddos and their daddy. You cannot find a cuter Olaf!

 Gracie stayed at this fishing activity for quite some time as she perfected her skills.

When those skills required too much time or effort, she improvised and resorted to a faster and surefire method to ensure success - abandon the fishing net and just scoop up the toys with your hand.

Here is a picture of my baby ladybug holding a baby ladybug.

 Gracie was not alone this evening. Caroline was also a ladybug! Of course, we had to get a picture. And, of course, it would take several painful minutes to get both of them to look in the same direction.
I am trying to be in the picture more often, so here is one of yours truly. Glad we got these pictures before Gracie's nap time cut short any festive activities for the Taylor household. She had a fun evening and that was the whole idea. What are some of your family Halloween traditions? Maybe next year, I will plan ahead of time. Maybe.


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