Cross County Trail

You've heard of the saying, "Make hay while the sun shines." Well, I don't know the first thing about making hay, but I do know that when the sun actually shines after a week-long hiatus due to the heavy rains, I am out of the house! There is no reason to waste a wonderful opportunity to explore outside, and that is exactly what we did this morning. Lucky for us, we didn't have to go too far. This absolutely gorgeous trail, known as The Cross Country Trail, runs right outside our home, and we avail ourselves of its beauty any chance we get. 

It is a hidden gem! The beautiful, lush greenery. The path strewn with fallen leaves creating what looks like a colorful carpet. The crisp morning air that makes you pull your cardigan closer to your chest and wrap your arms around yourself yet lifting your face into the coolness of the sudden gust of wind. The fallen tree limbs already becoming a part of the beautiful landscape.

An eager toddler, pointing to everything before we have even barely entered the trail makes this morning walk complete. You know she loves the outdoors when she can barely contain her excitement and hardly notices the cold wind blowing in her face.

This stream has been fuller in the past, after the week-long downpour we just had but it was determined to make up for it by being noisy and bubbly, as it tripped over the rocks and ran right along the path.

We got a thumbs up from Gracie, who was obviously thrilled to not be captive anymore. She had her water, her snacks, her cozy blanket, and Daddy pushing her off to another adventure. Life is good.

I've said it before and I will probably say it many times: Fall is my favorite time of the year. These leaves, scattered across the path, make my heart happy. I love the colors of this season, and the warm, fuzzy feelings associated with pumpkin pie, steaming cups of hot chocolate, a good book, friends, family, and the laughter of children as they jump into piles of leaves. I love it all!

Of course, there is nothing like having one's thoughts rudely interrupted by the piercing cries of a toddler who believes that pushing her own stroller is far more fun than sitting in one. You pick your battles and I decided she could have this battle. Win-win.

It is hard not to stop every few seconds to admire the natural beauty of this place. I did just that while Aaron and Grace walked ahead of me. 

There is a reason why this season inspires poets to write the most beautiful verse. It is when God shows the world what an incredible artist He is!


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