Cox Farms Fall Festival

Last October is a blur in my memory and I am determined to not let this year get fuzzy as well. If this amazing and perfect weather continues, there is a slim chance of that happening. We head out almost everyday to explore, spend some quality family time, and create some memories together. 

We have lived in this part of the world for five years now, and there are some things that are absolute tradition in these parts: Outer Banks beach house; Colonial Williamsburg; National Mall; Screen on the Green in the summer; and of course, Cox Farms Fall Festival. I have seen this particular tradition posted on my friend's Facebook pages and their Instagram accounts every year and have always wanted to do it. [Don't get me started on how I think living in DC/Virginia/Maryland is perfect for the adventurous and cultural souls like me.]

Cox Farms has everything you can imagine for a fantastic Fall Festival! Family-owned and operated since 1972, Cox Farms has been providing the residents of Fairfax County with farm-fresh produce grown locally in their own greenhouses, and sold at roadside markets. 

They started out on a 40-acre plot of land in Herndon, Virginia and in 1979, the business had grown large enough to warrant a 116-acre purchase in Centreville, Virginia. They scraped together everything they had to purchase this land while the banks scoffed at them saying no one was ever going to come all the way out to the countryside. The brothers, Eric and Steven, went ahead with the purchase anyway. The first fall season in 1979, someone asked Eric if he could organize a hayride for their group to pick pumpkins and just like that, the Fall Festival was born. The Cox Farms Fall Festival is now the largest and most popular fall festival in the DC area! Enjoy the pictures and make it a point to go next year! 


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