Wegman's Grocery Store

The day we returned from our trip to India (yes, India!), Aaron happened to check the mail and found a colorful, enticing flyer filled with coupons for Wegman's Grocery Store. This store, although I had never been in one before, seems to enjoy celebrity status amongst my local friends. They rave about the sushi at Wegman's and the produce and the cheeses and the meats and the list goes on... A couple of days after we got back, Aaron really wanted to to go and check it out (although I know he wanted to use the coupons), so, we made it a family event. We were definitely not disappointed!
Fresh produce as far as the eye could see! Boxes of fresh things were being unloaded while we were wandering around in the early hours of the morning, while some of the staff taste-tested some of the produce. The variety of goods were unbelievable. The quality was outstanding. The customer service was fabulous. (No, this is not a sponsored post but 100% my own opinions and observations.) Just look at this lettuce cart!

The produce section was only the beginning of our tour. The baked goods were a class of their own. Anything you could think of, they had it. And, it was freshly baked and delicious. The bakers were already hard at work, baking up the batches that would sit, freshly made, on the counter for the day. The baker informed me that they bake a few types of bread everyday, and they would fly off the shelves. Customers loved the idea of freshly baked breads - so they wouldn't have to do it.  Looking at these beauties, I couldn't blame them for wanting someone else to do the work while they enjoyed the fruits of that labor.

Wegman's also has an impressive salad bar, hot food bar a la Whole Foods, and even an Asian food section.

The baker was more than happy to tell us all about the bakery and the different types of bread they bake daily. It was fascinating to see how dedicated they were to their jobs and it was wonderful to see how much they enjoyed doing what they did.

As you can tell, they had other things as well. After all, it is a regular grocery store, although far from regular variety. But, honestly, who wants to see pictures of jam bottles all lined up, when you could be easily distracted by, and rightfully so, these delicious morsels.

I tried hard not to be pulled into the magnetic force field on the baked goods section BUT I failed miserably. These danishes were whispering my name and I answered the call.

The deli section was to die for. The cheeses are freshly sliced and stacked in the display cabinets. The salami and other variety of meats were out of this world!

Although I am an Aldi shopper for life, I enjoyed walking through the grocery store while we took turns pushing Gracie around in the cart. She loved eating the pastries we bought for breakfast, pointing to the things she wanted to touch, giggling to get our attention, and being her usual, bubbly self. Aaron was lost for several minutes at a time, and would suddenly appear with another pastry-filled bag of goodies for me to try.

I know it seems odd to make an event out of a stroll through a grocery store but a trip to Wegman's was just that - a fabulous event. We are glad that we perused its aisles and partook of its delicacies. If you have one if your neighborhood, check them out. You will love it!


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