Frying Pan Farm Park

Every Monday, we have Family Home Evening. What is it, you ask? It is a night that we set aside for family time - to share a spiritual message, have an activity, eat a treat, and generally spend some quality time together as a family. For our FHE yesterday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head outdoors. We live in a place that can satisfy the wanderlust in us for quite some time, and there is always somewhere to explore. One such place was the Frying Pan Farm Park.

A short drive from our home, this place makes a child's imagination come alive with all the animals, the playground, walking trails, country store, barns, tractors, and more. Although we didn't get there till around 4:30pm, we enjoyed wandering around the farm with Gracie, who insisted on saying hi and waving to every animal she saw. She would squeal and sprint down the path to the next pen to see what new animal would await her. Aaron loved this time with her and was equally interested in the animals :)

It is wonderful to be able to drive a few minutes and find oneself in a countryside setting right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. The fall season has begun and soon the leaves and all the greenery will change to the colors of liquid gold, and the mountainsides, roadsides, and every side you turn will be aflame in gorgeous fall colors. I love living in Virginia for this very reason.

 As we enjoyed our family time together, Aaron and I marveled at how quickly Gracie was growing up. She was no longer a baby - she is now an official toddler. She demonstrates her independence, her personality, her newly acquired skills any chance she gets. At the park, she learned how to climb a fence on her first try and was so thrilled, she repeated it several times till it was time to go home.

 Family Home Evening was a success with this fun outing yesterday. Aaron taught us a great lesson on being kind and how we can always work on being kind to others. If you want to know more about Family Home Evening, click here and try it! You will want to do it every day not just on Monday :) We enjoyed our time together, loved seeing the joy on Gracie's face when she saw the animals and tried to imitate their sounds, and ended the day with ice cream cones from McDonald's. Perfect evening. Can't wait for next week's Family Home Evening adventure!


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