Summertime fun

Summer has arrived and is here to stay! The oppressive heat we have been experiencing lately reminds me of that old, familiar feeling of being back in India. Our backyard was starting to look more like a desert, so we decided to water the grass and weed a little bit. Not one to miss out on an adventure, Gracie was ready to help. Sort of.  She may look mesmerized by the water.
She may even seem a bit apprehensive. 

But not for long! Step One: Touch the water.

Step Two: ATTACK! 

 Grace had a blast and drank half a gallon of water coming out of the garden hose. She touched it, licked it, swallowed it, sprayed herself with it, and, in short, enjoyed herself. What a wonderful experience this must be for her little life! The first time drinking from the hose :) Looks like Gracie is not the only one who had fun :D 


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