South Run Recreation Center

It is rare for Gracie and me to make it out of the house in the morning, mostly due to her nap times, for which I am blessed and extremely grateful. She naps in the morning and in the afternoon and sleep through the night. What more could I ask for? 

However, on this particular morning, there was no napping to be had. The baby monitor reflected an active toddler running laps in her crib, laughing to herself.  An invitation pops up in my email - an unplanned playgroup trip to a nearby playground. Knowing fully well that I would spend the next hour or so doing something on my computer while Gracie walked around tearing the house apart in merriment, I decided that we were going to the impromptu playgroup. I am so glad we did! 

One really neat thing about this place - it has a huge green canopy over the play equipment to provide shade. The thing I didn't like about the place - the green canopy - that made all my photos look like a large green cloud was permanently hanging over the exact spot we were hanging out. It was fun to see my friends at the park, along with all their littler ones who were not in summer school, or camps, or the myriad other things the kids do these days. 

Gracie stood in the middle, taking it all in. She took a turn on the swing, and loved the slide. Glad we got out of the house and socialized. Good for the soul. Seriously, I liked the canopy :) 


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