Holland in Haymarket {Burnside Farms}

In honor of Gracie's 1st birthday and a commitment to myself to explore again, I took Aaron and Gracie to Burnside Farms in Haymarket for the Holland in Haymarket Festival of Spring 2015.  This was something I had been looking forward for several weeks now and had been tracking when the flowers were at their peak season. This weekend was it! 

Burnside Farms hosts the Annual Holland in Haymarket Festival where they plant over five acres of spring flowers to provide the largest, and most spectacular pick-your-own-flower event in the world! Right here in our own backyard in Virginia!  

As you walk up to the fields, you are face-to-face with a stunning display of color and variety of tulips and daffodils. It is absolutely breathtaking!  We picked a perfect day to go flower-picking. The weather was amazing with zero humidity and just the right amount of sunshine without it being too overbearing. We got there earlier in the day, so it was not too crowded either. 

There is free parking directly in front of the farm. You pay a small entrance fee ($4) for an all-day pass, and the tulips cost $1 a piece if you pick them. They provide you with baskets and instructions on how to pick the flowers, and if it is not too crowded, they will wrap it up for you as well.  

Grace refused to sit in the stroller and insisted on walking around. She was the same height as the flowers and used this to her advantage. Let's just say Gracie had her own version on pick-your-own flowers. Pick the petals and eat them.  We moved her away as quickly as we could or we would have ended up with a basket of half-plucked flowers to pay for. 

This little girl turns one this week and we cannot express in words the joy she has brought into our lives. I mean, look at that face!

Photobombed by a photographer. Oh well. Look at those flowers!

This is the Holland part of the Festival. The owner orders tons of these clogs straight from Holland, and visitors to the farm are welcome to try them on. The kids love this part and so do the adults, as a matter of fact.
Gracie got right into the action. Aren't those little legs in tights just so cute? Ok, I know I am biased.

The time we spent at the farm was well worth it. Gracie had a good time, Aaron enjoyed it, and I loved the photo opps galore! We even managed to squeeze in some family pictures, for once!
 As we were leaving the farm, this was our view directly across the road we were supposed to turn on. Instead of following our return directions, we took a detour and drove through some of the most beautiful Virginia countryside we had ever seen! It was absolutely beautiful! I leave you with these amazing views and hope your travels lead you to Virginia someday. It is one of God's masterpieces!


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