Clemyjontri Park

It is already reaching summertime temperature around here but I am thrilled that I can go outside the house and enjoy the sunshine, lovely greenery, and explore my surroundings. That is something I missed intensely as I sat, cooped up in the house all winter, trying not to go crazy! This month, I am determined to get out and explore as often as I can. Gracie loves every minute of it! 

Today, we wanted to visit Clemyjontri Park. My local friends have all been to this place and highly recommended it, so I was dying to check it out. It definitely did not disappoint! Clemyjontri is a one-of-a-kind park. It is playground built to accommodate children of all abilities. In fact, they even have a swing that is specially designed to allow kids in wheelchairs have a go. Isn't that amazing?!

My friend, Rachel Williams, who lives nearby and has four adorable and energetic boys, came along with us today, and it was the perfect outing for the boys to get al their wiggles out. They loved every structure and spent a fair amount of time exploring them! 

The rubber flooring was a cool feature. The kids could fall down and not get hurt or have bruised knees and faces. The structures were fun, creative, and as you can see, colorful. There were several moms and kids cruising the park when we visited but it did not seem overcrowded at all.

Rachel is a fun mom who has four adorable and energetic boys! Aaron and I like hanging out with these kids. They ran around at the park today trying out every single structure. They especially loved it when their mommy could play with them. 

The two babies (Grace & Seth) took their morning naps while the older kids explored. It worked out well and the babies were happy sleeping.

After a catnap, Gracie woke up, ready to explore on her own. She is an independent little one and has only been walking for a few weeks but is always eager to get all the practice she can.

As I was posting these pictures, I was trying to figure out why I had cut off Samuel's body or Rachel's head, and I realized that I had Gracie on my hips while taking this picture and she yanked the camera strap. Haha...Despite that, here is my beautiful friend, Rachel, and her three out of four boys - Benjamin, baby Seth, and Samuel. Cute, right? 

Just look at these cuties! I die! I think baby Seth might have more hair than Gracie :) They are all so perfectly adorable in this picture! 

 Samuel was in love with Gracie :) He followed us everywhere, and wanted Gracie to go and play with him instead of walk around. And if she fell down, he was right there to help her up. He insisted on holding her hand and walking together and this happened several times while we were there, that I just had to take a picture. How cute is this?

I actually managed to get in the picture a few times today! Here is our little group with Gracie starting to sing in her carseat. 

She cracked herself up right after she finished "singing". She loves to laugh and is, apparently, not afraid to laugh at herself. I love this little, joyful, independent, beautiful baby girl and am so glad I got to spend the morning in a park with her. 


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