The Johnsons' Visit_Sunday Morning Stroll

Sunday mornings are treasured around here. Since church doesn't start till almost the middle of the day, our mornings usually consist of a fantastic breakfast by Aaron, and a stroll along our favorite trail. What makes this even more appealing, at least for me, is that the path is now paved :) Pushing a stroller just got a whole lot easier! Obviously, we were excited to show Adam and Tonna one of our favorite spots. So, we headed out for a stroll on a beautiful, cool, crisp morning where the sun was shining but the air still had a nip in it, and the blossoms were spreading out their petals and enjoying themselves. Perfect for a walk, right?

 Tonna loves to take pictures, and so do I. Here is an efficient way of getting that accomplished :D

Ahh...I love these two with every fiber of my being. And, they love each other and the outdoors equally. Gracie is really happy when she is outdoors and looking at the trees and listening to the sounds of nature all around her.

Hey, that's me in the picture! Yes, it is a rare occasion but I am trying, y'all :)

This little boy—handsome Scotty—was so full of energy and wanted to do everything the older boys were doing (Aaron and Adam). He loved the stream that ran along the trail and was intent on trowing rocks into it. Only, he kept picking up the big rocks and nearly swung himself in with them :D

Aaron had gotten ready for church before we decided we would head out for a walk. While they were throwing a frisbee back and forth, it got stuck in some thorny bushes. Aaron approached the bush with extreme caution, his focus solely on the sharp thorns. As he reached out to grab in, his feet slid into a muddy patch and were immediately covered in, well, mud. And so were his pants. To avoid further mishaps, I folded them up. Now he was ready to tackle a flash flood if it happened :)

It was wonderful to relax and enjoy a perfect Sunday morning with family and take in the beauty around us.  What do you do on a Sunday?


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