The Johnsons' Visit_Old Town Alexandria

It is a rare occasion for us to have family pay us a visit! Adam & Tonna Johnson (Aaron's cousins on his mother's side) along with their handsome little boy, Scotty, drove all the way from South Carolina for a weekend of fun, food, and exploration. Aaron and I were thrilled! 

Among the many reasons we enjoy our time with them was the fact that they are adventurous eaters like we are and they love to explore. I knew this would be a fun trip!
To kickstart the weekend, we took them to Old Town Alexandria - one of our favorite places to wander in and to take our visitors to. They loved it! We strolled along the waterfront, took in the beauty of the Potomac on a warm, April night, and headed down the cobblestone streets in search of a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. Along the way, we passed a couple singing opera on the corner of King Street and the waterfront while their baby relaxed in its stroller. A ghost-stories tour group was huddled on the other side of the street, about to begin their tour led by a man dressed in period costume and holding a large lantern to "light" his way. Ah! Old Town Alexandria - there is no place quite like it! 

Caphe Banh Mi on Cameron Street fit the bill for our growling stomachs. The pho was delicious and the banh mi sandwiches were mouthwatering. The bread was perfectly crusted on the outside and soft on the inside. And, Gracie sat in a high chair for the first time! When did she get so big?!

As we made our way back to the car, a much slower pace than a few hours earlier, we realized that it was well past the babies' bedtime and quite frankly, very nearly ours. Time flies when you are having fun :) It was a wonderful first evening together. 


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