Cherry Blossom Festival 2015

In the five years that we have lived in these parts, Aaron and I have never made it to the Cherry Blossom Festival together. No, let me revise that statement. We have never made it to the Festival - for obvious reasons: crowds, traffic, lack of parking and walking space around the Tidal Basin.  This year, we had family in town — Adam & Tonna Johnson—who drove in from South Carolina and were excited to see the blossoms. So, we joined them along with the throngs of people who traversed the beaten path around the Tidal Basin. 

The blossoms were beautiful! Despite a few tense moments with a flat tire on our stroller, we managed to enjoy our time with family and the weather was perfect! 

Washington, DC, is at its best during this time of the year and I am glad we took advantage of it.


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