Cecily & Ky

One of the sweetest friends I know decided she was going to spontaneously visit me and then proceeded to give me fair warning that she was going to visit me on Monday :) Cecily is one of those women who just glow. She is beautiful both inside and out, and it shines through like no other. I love spending time with her, listening to her comments in Relief Society (our women's group at church), and admiring her hairstyling skills! She thinks deep thoughts, expresses her emotions articulately, and is simply a beautiful person. 

Her little boy, Ky, likewise radiates her personality in some ways. Happy and fun. Cecily and I love to explore and one day almost two years ago, we decided to go to the Franciscan Monastery in DC. We connected on that trip and I have enjoyed being her friend ever since. Ky is her travel buddy and did really well for being an infant at the time. Now that he can talk and run and play, he is much more fun to be around.  I love how kids just need a bit of grass and a big pile of leaves and their true joy just oozes out of their bodies! 

I asked Ky if he could go over and sit by his mommy so I could take a picture of them. Surprisingly, he agreed, and just when I thought I would never get this wriggly little boy to sit still with his mommy, he did this in the picture below: sat down, leaned in and smiled! You would think it was a posed picture but it was not! Ky did this of his own volition and it was perfect! 

It was great to spend an hour or so, catching up, sharing thoughts, and just enjoying each others' company! Time to plan some more adventures together! 


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