365 Project - Glittering Snowflakes

I chuckled a bit when I finished writing the title of this blog post. It almost sounds like something that Captain Haddock would say to Tintin, while Snowy the dog rolled his eyes at him.  I can hear it now - Blistering Barnacles! Glittering Snowflakes! I digress. 

Gracie's exploring sometimes takes her under the Christmas tree where she attempts to redecorate. Usually, that means pull off an ornament, bash it on the ground, and put it in her mouth. So, to save these snowflakes, I took them off the tree as quickly as I could We have had them for years and with Gracie in the mix, I am not sure how much longer they will last. Therefore, the glittery snowflakes made it into my 365 Project today - to help me remember when I had pretty things. 


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