Incredible Fall Colors

This afternoon, on my way back from the temple, I drove past some beautiful fall foliage.  Mind you, my entire neighborhood in Virginia looks like this every year during the fall season. Today, as I was driving back home, I decided that I would stop and take some pictures of this gorgeous nature all around me. Okay, "stop and take pictures" was actually more like come to full stop right in the middle of the road and click away to my heart's content.  It seems impossible to just drive by this beauty and not stop and admire it for a minute or longer if you have the time. 

Having just been to the LDS Washington DC Temple with some lovely ladies, I appreciated the opportunity to see and recognize His hand in this incredible creation! "Men are that they might have joy!" This brings great joy to my heart and I am thankful for nature and its powerful influence in our lives.

  #sharegoodness #beautifulvirginia


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