Pregnancy Progression Pictures

Ha. Say that three times!

This wonderful blog of mine has been neglected for a while and it is time to show some blog love. It is also time to clean out my phone and download all the pictures in order to enable it to function efficiently. Since the two things sort of complement each other, I give to you - the pregnancy progression pictures aka phone dump.

Throughout the course of this pregnancy, I would take a picture every now and then, and send it to my sister. That is as far as I got to documenting it. Now that things are starting to fall into sort of a routine (gosh, I don't know why I jinx myself like this), I finally have the time to reclaim some sanity and update this here blog!

The picture in the middle was taken a few weeks before our baby was born. The one right below of Aaron and me was taken as we left the house to go to the hospital after my water had broken and we waited for 6 hours with barely any contractions at all. The last picture was taken in the hospital at the beginning of what turned out to be a 29-hour labor process. Yes, I was clueless as to how long it would take - hence the serene smile on my naive face :)


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