North Carolina State Capitol

 Visiting state capitol buildings has become somewhat of a tradition with Aaron and me. It inadvertently started when I lived in Sacramento, CA, for a brief spell. One of our many exploratory dates, we visited the Capitol building and Aaron had a blast participating in a live tour where he had a speaking role. Thus began our journey of state capitols.  We have Utah, California, North Carolina, South Carolina (soon to be blogged about), Colorado, and of course, the nation's capitol - Washington, DC., where Aaron works every day. 

When we arrived there with Greg, Heidi and Tommy, it looked like a protest was just beginning. The pep talkers were gearing up and it seemed to have attracted some media attention as well. We thought we would not be able to take a tour of the inside, however, we approached some policemen, who escorted us past the crowds and into the building.

The first thing that Aaron does, of course, is to collect some paper souvenirs. He loves to pick up papers and bring them home with him.  So, I told him to drop it and move on. But, later, when we asked a cop inside for some info, he directed me to get one of the pamphlets that I had asked Aaron to put down earlier. Sigh. Fun sign right when you enter the building.

We did our own self-guided tour of the place and were done in less than 30 minutes. Nothing too impressive but glad to have seen it nonetheless. 


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