Jordan Lake - North Carolina

This was a momentous trip to the lake with our friends, Greg and Heidi Adams. One, because it was Gracie's first time in a large body of water. And two, because it was my first time in what seemed like an eternity. 

 Just minutes ago, she had been crying and wanted to eat. And being the good parents that we are, decided that she would rather like to get her feet wet first and experience a large body of water for the first time :) And you know what, it worked.  For a while. So, we took advantage of that and snapped some photos before her memory caught up with her and the pleas for food turned into a full out battle cry.

But here is her father who is way more excited about holding his baby girl in the water than she seems to be about having her feet on the sand :)

Although she does not look like it, joyous laughter emanated from Gracie as she was swung from side to side. Not sure it was the water that made her excited but the swinging definitely does every time! She was loving it!  These two are best buddies - she laughs for him like no other! He doesn't even have to do much - he just smiles at her and she bursts out in giggles. It is quite endearing and my heart reaches almost melting status every time I see the two of them together. 

This little girl does not like to lay down on her back anymore. She seizes every opportunity to do some ab crunches and when she gets even half a chance to, she will stand up instead. She can turn her head from side to side and see everything versus laying on her back and only looking up. (This is also the reason why any time you are holding her, she will be looking sideways.)

This was an "oops" photograph that I think my belly accidentally took as I was walking down to the water. But I actually kinda like it.

Ah, Tommy boy!  What a sweetheart! He called me "mama" and followed me around everywhere! The cutest thing was when we went out to dinner and he was sitting in his high chair at one end of the table and I had Gracie in my arms trying to feed her. He would yell out "mama" until I looked up at him, and then he would give me a big smile. This happened many times during the dinner and one time, I didn't look up - he kept yelling "mama" in rapidly increasing volume. I looked up and he smiled and laughed at me. He just wanted my attention. Silly loveable boy!

His mama is gorgeous. Enough said. 

Greg and Heidi Adams have been friends with us for a few years now since our Bay Area days. Greg was Aaron's roommate for a while and they share some fun memories! It was fun to reminisce and to make new memories with them! It had been too long and we decided we are going to have to visit again!

After making a last-minute attempt to rent a pontoon and go out on the lake and failing as it was too close to Labor Day weekend, we just decided to go and hang out at the lake anyway. It turned out to be a perfect day for it - the humidity was low, and the water was the right temperature that even I got in the water and stayed in it for a while, much to Aaron's delight!

Jordan Lake was a perfect way to spend a day in North Carolina!


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