Ammon & Jessica's DC Vacation

This weekend we had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Aaron's brother's cute family - Ammon, Jessica & Ezra. It was wonderful to have them visit us all the way from Arizona! Entering my third trimester accompanied by the cold weather made me a home-bound host, but they had the chance to do a tiny bit of sightseeing in DC - The White House, Capitol Hill, and the Pentagon (which I got to be a part of), to name a few places.

However, playing with Ezra could easily be the highlight of their visit :) I love this baby and I like to think he loves me, too! I would prop him up on the dining table while we sat around eating, chatting, and he would lean forward and play for about 10 seconds, then lean back and put one arm around my neck and snuggle his face into my neck. Ahhhh - I could die from the sweet feeling of getting loves from a tiny six-month old!

We had a wonderful time hosting Ammon, Jessica & Ezra! We ate some yummy food, watched a bit of Olympics, had some fun horsing around and teasing each other (mostly Ammon), talking and playing peekaboo with little Ez, who LOVES playing that game.

Ammon & Jessica are excellent parents and do a great job taking care of Ezra's every need. We love having our family come and visit us - it means the world to us since we live on the East Coast and everyone else lives in the West and the Midwest.

We hope that they get an internship here in the summer and we get to spend more time with them! We love you, A & J! And a big hug for Ezra!


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