Dinner w/ the Tuttles

I love this family. Let me tell you why. The handsome teenager on my left - Jesse Tuttle - is now seventeen years old and will turn 18 in one month. I held him in my arms when he was just a few days old when he came home from the hospital in Singapore. Stewart & Leti Tuttle have known me since I was Jesse's age when we lived in India.

They have traveled far and wide across the globe, and we have somehow managed to live in the same area - 30 minutes away from each other - after 17 years! How awesome is that? They are a fun-loving, sweet family, who will be our lifelong friends, no matter where in the world we live.

Aaron and I enjoyed a delicious dinner made by Leti and Stewart, chatted with Jesse before he took off to hang our with his friends, teased David about having his face stuck in his iPad, reading the whole time (I can relate to this), and loved watching Rachel keep trying to escape to her bedroom to watch her favorite shows. We had some delectable dessert, settled into cozy chairs and talked away, sharing stories of our lives, and laughing hard for hours.

Just like an evening with family ought to be.


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