Strolling through Williamsburg

This past weekend, Aaron and I decided we wanted to get out of town. It had been a while since we did an overnight trip somewhere. I guess we don't count road trips where we almost stay overnight but instead, to save money, we just drive back all the way home ;) Both Aaron and I carry the adventurous, explorative gene. So, we like visiting new places (new to us) and discovering things together.

When a trip includes awesome friends whom we have not seen for a while, it makes for a better weekend trip than we could have imagined! Our wanderings took us south to Williamsburg & Jamestown.  In 2012, we visited Williamsburg for the first time as an anniversary getaway, and we loved every minute of it. In fact, I just realized that I have still not posted/blogged about our adventures of that trip! Yikes! We got to see all of Colonial Williamsburg, and enjoyed learning about the history of the place. I promise I will try to get more of that trip captured in this blog soon.

For now, we were just content to wander the streets with our good friend, David Trichler (Rachel was in Kenya - sad for us). We were there during a craft fair of sorts, that included crafty, artsy things and people, and an awesome live band!

Ah! The joys of strolling with the love of my life! I must admit, there is nothing more fun than hanging out with Aaron, discovering all kinds of things, or just being content in each other's arms, hugging and staying warm in this cold weather :)


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