18 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time For Again

A friend posted a link to this article this morning on Facebook, and I loved it. So, in an unoriginal move, I am copying the title and some of my favorite parts directly from Thought Catalog. A well-written, thoughtful piece about things that are not considered so important these days. Things that we crave and seem to think we can no longer do, only to find out how easy it is to introduce back into our lives.  I am sure I will come back many times throughout my life and read these things again. Thank you, Brianna Wiest, for such a wonderful article.  If you like what you read, consider buying her book - The Truth About Everything - a collection of her thought catalog entries. I am not being paid by her or anyone associated with this book :) She doesn't even know I exist but I just like her style and honesty in writing.

Here are a few of my favorites in the list of 18 things.

1. Writing things by hand. Letters to friends, lists for the store, goals for the week, notes for lovers, thank you cards and memos to coworkers. Digital communication is easy and convenient but ask anybody: there’s a huge difference between texting someone to say that you love them and hope they have a great day and writing it on a note and leaving it next to their bed.

6. Books. Actual hard copy books that you can scribble notes in and mark off sections of and smell ink through and hear the sound of turning pages and bending spines while you read.

8. Disconnecting from technology frequently enough that we won’t be anxious and feeling like we’re missing something when we try to do so for an extended period of time.

10. Cleaning because it’s satisfying and doing things like painting walls or getting fresh flowers just because it’s therapeutic.
15. Traveling by train, or if that’s not possible, at least exploring places that you pass everyday. Especially if you live in a big city, there are always little hidden gems around that you won’t believe you lived without seeing while they were a block away from you all along.


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