Grilled Tilapia w/ Roasted Garlic Spinach

If I tell you how easy it was to make this, you will not believe me. I will tell you, any way because I am nice like that :)


Drizzle olive oil on the tilapia. Coat both sides with the oil. Sprinkle your favorite citrus seasoning blend on both sides. Pan fry till fish flakes off your fork. Done.


Pour some olive oil in medium-high heated pan. Slice two cloves of garlic and toss in the pan. When the edges get brown in thirty seconds, add bunches of spinach. Sprinkle a teeny bit of salt, a generous amount of garlic powder, sauté for a few minutes till spinach wilts. Remove from heat. Done.

Lemon vinaigrette: 

2 tbsp EVOO
3tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp fresh basil, snipped into little pieces
2 cloves garlic
kosher salt

Mix them up. Pour in little dish. Brush some on the tilapia right after you take it off the hot pan. Add more as you devour this meal.


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