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Since my last posts about My Little Garden Part 1 and My Little Garden Part 2, I have added to it quite a bit. Gardening has become somewhat of a passion for me now, and I love every minute of it. I have wanted to have an herb garden for a long time, and even attempted one when we lived in our condo. Alas, due to increasingly hectic schedules at work and lack of motivation to care for them, they withered and died in the scorching summer heat.

Since this pot of flowers looked like it was thriving, I decided to take on some herbs and see who won.
This pot of basil is the champion of my herb collection right now. I have plucked off enough leaves to fill a Ziploc bag, and it is still growing! I did have to save it after the torrential downpour of rain we experienced last week, and the plant started to develop root rot. I quickly removed it from the cute pot that you see in the picture, transplanted it into the terra cotta pots you see in the other pictures, put in fresh potting soil, watered it, and made sure the drain holes were big enough. After two days, it is now thriving again! And soon, I will be able to pluck off more leaves for a yummy pasta dish!

Oregano. I have never used fresh oregano in a recipe but excited to try it.  If you have any recipes you would like to share, please feel free.

ahh... Rosemary! I love this herb! Aromatic, versatile, and great to use both fresh and dried.  I am looking forward to it growing more and harvesting rosemary for the winter time.

Common Sage. Another herb I don't use a lot of but never seem to have around when a recipe calls for it. Problem solved!

Jalapeño - my friend! I love eating jalapeños and use it as much as possible in my recipes.

Since I took these pictures, I had also added cilantro/coriander. At first, it threatened to wilt and die on me, then suddenly, I saw little green leaves sprouting out of the ground and knew it was going to live.

 I love that aspect of gardening! Just when you feel like giving up on it, a little plant will surprise you and revive itself and bring forth new life. If you have some time and love to give, try growing something. A most rewarding endeavor!


  1. So pretty! I need to start gardening too!

    1. Chels, welcome back! Congrats on your new baby!!! Can't wait to meet her! Yes, you will love gardening - even if you just start out with little pots, it is so much fun to watch something grow as you tend to it and care for it. There was also a learning curve for me as I knew next to nothing about it :) In India, you can stick anything in the ground and it will grow. Not the case here, but it has been great learning about plants and how to take care of them.


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