Ahh.. summer nights. I wish I could bottle them up and store them forever, and pull them out when the winter drags on. Warm summer nights, long walks under the moonlit sky, sitting on our front porch steps amongst the potted plants surrounded by flowers and the scent of herbs, holding hands, and lost in thought. 

The other day, Aaron came home early from work, and I had dinner simmering on the stove. Knowing it would take some time before it would be done, we sat out on our front porch, just enjoying the time together. When suddenly, the dusky evening was punctuated by flickering little lights. Fireflies = summer in Virginia! I had always read about them in books as a little girl, and imagined what they would be like. I can honestly say, I still retain that childlike fascination for fireflies. I will also say this: those little buggers are hard to photograph! But I finally managed to snap a couple of shots when this guy stopped for a rest. 

Every time I saw one of these fireflies light up, this little ditty came to mind:

Oh I wish I were a glow worm,
A glow worm's never glum,
'Cause how can you be grumpy,
When the sun shines out your bum?

Well, he couldn't pose for me any longer, so he took off into the night, leaving me amazed at God's creations.  Wait, don't tell me you've never wished you were a glow worm, too?


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