My Little Garden

My father is the green thumb in the family. As a child, one of my after school duties was to water the plants in the garden. Our home was tiny but our yard was large, and my father wasted no time in creating a thriving, beautiful garden. Now that we have our own home, I am finally attempting to have my own garden. I started out with a flower pot filled with red salvias and marigolds and vowed that if I could keep it alive for more than two weeks, I would get another plant. That was over a month ago, and those flowers are doing great. So, I experimented a bit, too bravely I admit, and bought my first rose bush. I haven't the faintest idea how to grow them, but am now the proud owner of a beautiful rose bush with the largest roses I have ever seen!

The picture above is of my Yarrow plant. It has the prettiest flowers and in the most lovely pink shades.   I also added a succulent named October Daphne (my mama's name is Daphne) to this collection. Here are the first pictures of my sweet little garden. I have big plans for this little garden!


  1. I'm so excited for you to have a garden. I can't wait until we have a home with a yard! Right now I am carefully tending a potted flower and a recently acquired assortment of herbs on our balcony...

    1. Thanks, Mack! I have not ventured out into the herb garden portion yet but that is on my list of things for my garden :) It is so much fun and lovely to tend to something with such care. Especially when they survive and actually bloom!

  2. I love these photos Yolanda! So beautiful!


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