Lunch Buddies

It was lovely to be visited by these little dolls who were kind enough to have lunch with me. I love Paije and Piper Kacher and have such fun with them when they come to see me :) Paije has grown so much. She loves to read! I had bought a set of childrens' books for the sole purpose of Paije's visits. She remembered where they are kept and went straight to them, pulled them all off the shelf, took them to the couch and then tried to recruit me to read to her. I love that girl!

Piper loved the pillows and tossing them off the couch was so much fun for her. She has mastered this semi-crawling semi-standing mode of transportation. And was very close to taking her first steps all on her own for longer than two seconds.  We had some soup, rolls, and lots of oranges. Thank you, Bonnie, for bringing them over to have lunch with me!


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