Dinner at the DeLange's

We have been very fortunate to make great friends so quickly in our new ward. One of those families happen to be the DeLanges. Coincidentally, Eric DeLange's brother and sister-in-law - Tyler & Sarah - were friends of ours in our old ward! Small Mormon world! We love the DeLanges and were pleased to be invited to dinner to their home.

Stacy and Eric are fantastic people and their kids are pretty cool, too! We enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert, and got to know other couples in our ward. In the process of getting to know people, the Stradlings were also invited, and we quickly discovered that their daughter was married to John Whitton, who was a missionary in India when I went back and I knew him pretty well! The world gets even smaller! 

It was a fun evening. Donna and Ray, Gary and Rebecca, and the DeLanges were such a fun group to hang out with. 


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