Burton's Birthday Bash

If you are salivating just looking at the picture of the chocolate cake above, you are experiencing the same feelings I was on Saturday evening, when I felt myself intoxicated just standing next to this cake. Our friends, Janaya and Burton had invited us over for cake and ice cream to celebrate Burton's birthday. We love this couple and their sweet little baby, and never pass up a chance to hang out with them. It was a fun evening with some delicious, to -die-for chocolate cake and a lemon version as well.
Fun, friends, cake and ice cream - what better way to celebrate a birthday!

Birthday Boy and his gorgeous wife!

This is what I got when I asked Rob to move to his left just a smidgen.

Thank you, Janaya and Burton, for inviting us to celebrate! We loved every minute of it.  In case you didn't notice the cake in the beginning, here is another picture for you. The best chocolate cake I have ever had!


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