Walk around Tidal Basin

It is always fun discovering your city through the eyes of a tourist! Although, since I walk around the city with my camera bag permanently slung across my shoulders, I am always mistaken for a tourist. I love it! Adam and Jessica have had loads of fun walking through Old Town Alexandria at night, going to the Washington DC Temple, and taking in the night lights of the White House. They also spent some time at the Arlington Cemetery and Mt. Vernon. Listening to them share their experiences made me fall more in love with where I live.

Since they had not yet made it all the way around the Tidal Basin, we decided to do that. Sadly, the cherry blossoms had mostly given way to new leaves on the trees lining the Basin, but we managed to find a couple of trees still blooming. We started at the Jefferson Memorial and made our way around, stopping at the Martin Luther King Memorial, which I had not yet seen. We walked past the FDR Memorial—another one I had not seen yet. (Sometimes, it is good to have people visit because then you get to see some things on your list that you otherwise will never see.) I did not take pics of the last two monuments since we had very little time to do all that we wanted to do. It was a warm day but had a stiff breeze blowing which was thoroughly enjoyable as we walked under the trees, and stopped for a moment at the site of the first cherry trees from Japan. We walked and walked and walked! I burned several hundred calories and I am sure I gave my body such a fright from the sudden movements called exercise. I loved spending time with Adam and Jessica and am so glad they got to see so many things while they were here.


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