Ocean Kayaking, La Jolla, CA

I do not know how to swim. Keeping that in mind, my sweet husband planned an adventurous trip to La Jolla Beach, CA, to do the 7 Caves Kayak Tour with San Diego Bike & Kayak Tours - kayaking in the ocean. Yes, that's right. In. The. Ocean. I tried not to think about it too much while we made our way to La Jolla, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and found our location to pick up all our gear. I expected to feel quite nervous and yet, for some reason, I was as calm as can be.  We walked down to the beach, met up with our group, and the instructors explained the basics of kayaking to us. It was surreal that I was donned in a wetsuit, holding a paddle, making paddling motions on the shore and I was about to get into a little, plastic boat and propel myself into the ocean. NBD. Aaron was giddy with excitement that I would actually go along with his scheme without too much protesting. The truth is I really wanted to make him happy despite my fears.  And what an adventure it was!

I never thought for one moment that I had it in me to kayak in the ocean. Yet, I did! And I LOVED it! I was ready to get back in the kayak and go for another two hours. I never lost my nerve once, and in fact, I felt one with the ocean, Maybe my Pisces zodiac kicking in :) We paddled out to the caves, saw some seals swim around us, some very colorful fishes, touched sea kelp, felt the cold water through my wetsuit, and the ocean breeze starting to whip up some frothy waves as the tide grew higher. 

It was exhilarating and I loved every minute of it. Even the few minutes when I was paddling the two-man kayak by myself while Aaron was upchucking his lunch behind me right into the ocean. Fish food is all I can say. It was a gorgeous day to go kayaking and I am so glad that Aaron pushes me to do things that I would normally shy away from. 

Form afar, we had no clue what those black dots were, and as we got closer, we realized there were thousands of birds, and boy, did it smell!!! These were the caves that we would have kayaked through but due to high tide, it was deemed dangerous and we could just see them from the water. It was thrilling to be so far out on the ocean! At this point, I looked back towards the shore and we were quite far away from our starting point. 

Due to the tide getting too high and preventing us from exploring the caves, we were given free tickets to one of them that is accessed via some steep steps. Our tour company was great and our tour guides, Austin and Anna, were fantastic! I wish I remembered the other guide's name but he was great, too! The whole time we were out on the ocean, we were safe and the guides were fun and informative, and did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend San Diego Bike & Kayak Tours! Look them up if you plan a trip to La Jolla - you won't regret it! 


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