Food w/ Friends

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.” 
― Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

Yesterday evening, we had invited a group of people from our new ward (church unit) to dinner and it was a blast! Of course, we had Indian food for dinner. I made biriyani, channa masala, garlic naans, and chicken tikka masala. All I can say is we had no leftovers!!! I loved it!

Rachel & Regan Brough, Janaya & Burton Rampton, and Heather & Jeremy Oldham. Seriously, I could not have picked a better Indian food lovers group than this one. We laughed and talked our heads off, shared stories of how we met, kept asking each other to pass the food around, and could not stop ourselves from gorging on the food till it was almost all gone.

Janaya and Burton Rampton brought along their little bundle of joy, Easton, who performed some tricks for us once we included him in the dinner. He was feeling a bit left out and made his presence known.  :) His best impressions are of a turtle and an elephant. Actually, Janaya does the best impression of an elephant I have ever heard!

The Broughs brought some awesome lemon soufflé with raspberries for dessert and we licked those bowls clean! The Oldhams brought some fizzy drinks that got passed around quite a bit as well. I was a bit like an Italian mama and kept pushing food on everyone and no one refused. :D I, also, packed up the remaining food in to-go containers and sent it home with them.

It was a fun time and I hope we get together again soon.  A fun time was had by all!


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