Cherry Blossoms

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Washington, DC. One of our favorite things to do during this time is to see the cherry blossoms burst in bloom all over the city! This year, although the spring weather seems to be missing, the cherry blossoms did not disappoint! Tourists from all over the world descend on DC during this time. Walking along the Tidal Basin, I must have heard at least 10 different languages being spoken. The sun was out and scorching, the folks were out in droves, cameras slung around their neck and children in strollers, all out to enjoy the beauty that is the cherry blossom. A cool breeze and the gorgeous flowers made it a worthwhile trip to the city. I love living here!

For those who are local and have not made it to see these incredible blossoms, do so now. For those who do not live here, please enjoy the photos and comment if you feel so inclined.


  1. GORGEOUS pictures Yolanda!!! I love them all!

  2. Lovely photos! I appreciate how you captured the many hues of cherry blossoms. I also loved the photo of you!


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