Workout Challenge: Day One - Latin Heat

This picture was taken before I left the house to go the gym. Yes, you heard me right. I did say the GYM.  Aaron has challenged me to go to the gym for two weeks straight just to see if I can actually be consistent with it. If I meet this challenge, then I get to have a paid membership at the gym! Yay me!!! Hey, wait just a dumbbell-lifting minute...I really did not think this through before I accepted the challenge! I have to push myself to go and exercise just so I can, then, go and exercise some more. What???

Anyway, this morning, determined, and a total sucker for a challenge, I took this photograph as proof and motivation to go and work out. I got there in time for the Latin Heat class. Since I had ten minutes before it started, I ran for five on a treadmill, did some stretches (just so people didn't think I was a total loser), and then headed into the class.  It was aptly titled Latin Heat because I was definitely feeling the heat. Not the Latin kind, of course, but the kind that leaves you with your tongue hanging out, panting like a dying dog, while the silver-haired, foxy, seventy-year old next to you is giving Shakira a run for her money. While others were shaking their bon-bons, I felt like I was searching for mine on the dance floor, bent over, and thinking that I could just sit this one out.

However, because it was Latin music (my favorite kind) and the fact that I love to dance, I pushed forward and tried to keep up with the class. It was loads of fun. The teacher, Patricia, was awesome, and I enjoyed working out to some of my favorite Latin songs. It was an hour-long workout and well worth the effort! I will be attending her class next Monday as well.

I made a friend in the class named Amanda, who comes to the gym and especially, to Latin Heat/Zumba six times a week! Inspiration! I might see her tomorrow. I say might because I am not sure my muscles will obey me tomorrow. So I make no promises. I am glad I took this picture of me before I went as I am sure the 'after' picture would not have been a pretty sight.

P.S. I loved going to the gym today. I think I will go again tomorrow :) But keep that to yourself!


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