Washington DC Home & Garden Show

Bonnie Kacher and I are both home renovation enthusiasts, so of course, we would go and check out the Home & Garden Show. It was actually Bonnie who found the Groupon and purchased the tickets for us. We went in the evening of the first day of the show and honestly, it was not that impressive. Maybe because it was the first day of the show and it was in the evening. Either way, the important thing was that I got to spend time with one of my favorite people. We hardly get the chance to hang out alone - no kids for her and no husbands.

We walked the aisles at the convention center, checked out the new products that the vendors were hawking, and chatted away. We didn't stay very long but I still managed to take some photographs of the evening. :) Bonnie and I had a good time, got some dinner and chatted all the way back home. It was a fun evening!


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