Santa Monica, CA

One of my favorite places in southern California is Santa Monica. I have such wonderful memories of this place - the beach, the dancing, the performances, the friends, the laughter, the food, and the list goes on. I knew I had to take Aaron to Santa Monica and show him the fun it can be. Santa Monica it did not disappoint! It was everything I remembered it to be, and Third Street Promenade was abuzz with life, and the lights were twinkling away happily.

We spent a few hours on the beach and Fiona and the kids had a blast! Ella was precious and loved the water so much that she practically ran into the ocean. Aaron loved her! She was fearless and daring and did not want to get out of the water although it was freezing, well too cold for California. Micah was the opposite and was content to play in the sand. He was a bit wary of the ocean waves and probably a bit put off by all the attention Ella was getting :) We played Frisbee, walked along the beach with the wind blowing our hair about, and then made our way back to the car to dispose of all the stuff we had carried, before we strolled along the Promenade.

After getting something to eat, we took in a few performances, and watched the sun set amongst the palm trees. It was beautiful, exhausting, fun-filled day!


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