Redlands Farmers Market Dancers

Redlands has a vibrant community and they love their Market Night. I remember they always had these incredible Aztec-looking dancers at Market Night. To my surprise, they still do! Aaron and I visited Redlands on the first day of our vacation and hit up the farmers market for some munchies and fun with Fiona and the kids. As the sun started to set, the dancers came out and put on an incredible show! Colorful, rhythmic drummers, feathers and fun.


  1. Very nice pictures. I am one of the dancers here. Actually I'm the dancer in the 6th pic down (and an amateur photographer BTW) and it's always nice to see GOOD photos of us. If you feel like taking more pics of us we (Danzas de Aztlan) will be back at Redlands Market Night on May 16.

    1. Thank you!!! It is nice to hear from one of the actual dancers!! I have always loved watching your group perform when I used to live in Redlands. Unfortunately, I don't live there anymore and was just on vacation when I took these photos. However, I have many more pics of the performance. So if you are interested, send me your email, and I will send you a few more. Thanks for doing an awesome job that night! We enjoyed it!

  2. Im also a dancer here i would like to see more pics


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