Easter Sunday Dinner

Aaron and I spent Easter Sunday with our friends in Southern California - Peter & Fiona D'Souza and their adorable babies - Micah & Ella. We always have a fabulous time with them and this time was no exception. We laughed hard, played hard and slept like logs! Hey, we were on vacation. What do you expect? 

Sunday dinner was a sight to behold! Fiona is a great cook and made the best biriyani (Indian spiced rice) - a tradition for all special days in India. We had quite a spread - roast, brussell sprouts, mashed potatoes, garlic mushrooms, biriyani, and raita. The kids were so ready for dinner since we made them wait for so long. Peter and Fiona were the perfect hosts and have a beautiful home! We were so blessed to share it with our 'family' and enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are some pics of the delicious spread!


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