A Night of Propaganda w/ the Trichlers

The Trichlers hosted a fabulous party themed 'A Night of Propaganda'. Rachel and David never disappoint and tonight was no exception. Friends, games, fabulous pizzas, and delicious dessert. The only downside was that we were celebrating the imminent move of the Trichlers to Williamsburg!!! They are moving closer to David's new job and have bought a home that will require some renovations of massive proportions. So this was a night to get their friends together for some fun and we were happy to be included in the mix.

I did not take too many photographs this time as I just wanted to enjoy them :) However, when there was a realization made about the coincidental wearing of bows on shoes, a photograph had to be taken. Rachel and her buddies had unknowingly all decided to wear shoes with bows on them, and this gave us something to laugh about.

Rachel and David are our forever friends, so this was not a goodbye. We knew we would see them again. It was a fun night and we were glad we could make it!


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