Virginia State Capitol

Look familiar? Yes, it looks just like the White House, doesn't it? This building, designed by Thomas Jefferson and built in 1788, had served as the the prototype for other numerous capitols, courthouses, churches and museums for over 200 years! It was also the first public building in the New World that was built in the classical monumental style. 

Owing to the fact (little known to us since we can go to any museum in DC on a federal holiday and it is open), that it was closed, we could not get a tour of this place :( It was fun to wander the grounds and get a feel for these historic structures and imagine what it must have been like in Jefferson's time. I need to go back when it is open! 

Oh yeah, and we came across an Edgar Allen Poe statue on the grounds as well. Sweet! 


  1. I love Richmond! I'm so happy you went!

    1. Me, too! This was my first time and I feel like I need to go back again very soon and take in some more of its awesome-ness!


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